Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First of the two holiday trips!

Over the holidays Julie and I decided to visit what I feel are the two most expensive  places in Europe.  The first was a 4 day weekend over the X-mas holiday in London.  The Second was another 4 day weekend in the ski slopes of Interlaken Switzerland.  These were two of the main places Julie wanted to visit during our year in Europe.

London is LONDON, this city is by far my favorite we have spent time in since moving to Germany.  There are so many different things to do there and the 4 days we had wasn't nearly enough.  There are way to many museums, monuments/Palace/Parliament/Westminster Abby to see in the 4 days we had.  So we decided to try and hit up the high lights.

Our first day revolved around The Tower of London, home of the Crown Jewels and many other historical high lights, from back in the day. 

Tower of London

Changing of the Guards at The Tower of London

Where the "Crown Jewels" are kept!

Carvings in the walls of the prison tower

Crazy Armour

More carvings

smallest set of armour made

crazy cannons that took 4 men to load one ball

The following day was the best of the 4 days for myself.  I have always wanted to seethe mysterious Stonehenge, so we booked a tour company to take us.  It was your typical tour bus deal that you see at just about every vacation spot around the world.  It was fine with me though, what ever it took to see what I like to think of as an alien time piece.  Once the tour was done at Stonehenge we were dropped off in the town of Bath.  Named after the old Roman Baths that were constructed 60-70 AD.  It was an interesting little English town and definitely a touristy one at that. 


Roman Bath


On our third day we decided the best bet would be to wonder the city by foot and check out all the monuments, Parliament, and the Palace.  This was a great way to loose those calories from  all the fish&chips we had been having from the previous days.

Buckingham Palace

Start of the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace

Canadian Memorial


Brave souls!

"I swear Julie it won't attack you!"

Thought that big beast would bite my head off!

Shakespeare's theater

The last day was the most stressful day of all, being X-mas The Tube is shut down and the buses do not run.  With this the taxi's are triple the price unless you call a "MiniCab" service.  Well we called and made a reservation with a MiniCab and waited in the lobby of our hotel for what seemed forever.  After the MiniCab was 30 Min. late (we had to catch a flight) we were lucky enough to catch a different MiniCab that had just dropped some people off at the hotel.  Once in the car on the way to the airport we could relax and look forward to our Christmas at our favorite little restaurant "Rosanna's" with a few of our friends.

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